The Civil Rights Tour is a trip that was developed to help participants create a deeper understanding of the civil rights movement in America and ultimately, a greater understanding of the history of race and racism. This experience takes participants to the American South and creates a first-hand experience in visiting museums and historic sights as well as interviewing past and present civil rights leaders. The Tour consists of six cities that are traveled in seven days and will follow a curriculum designed to enhance the experiential learning.

Past trips have had interviews with John Lewis, civil rights leader and congressman, Joyce Bell White, one of the Memphis 13, Dr. Gwen Patton, member of SNCC and civil rights activist. We have had lunch at one of only 3 black-owned businesses in Little Rock to make it through the Civil Rights act, we have sat in the church where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his final sermon and listened to a recording in the very room where he gave it.



Our country is currently more divided than it has been since the Civil Rights movement and it is important that people are actively choosing to educate themselves and to be a part of the solution.



This trip is filled with moments that will change the way you understand race, history and the Civil Rights movement. People will leave this trip informed, enlightened and ready to create change in the communities around them.


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