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is the practice of deepening your relationship with the divine and taking active steps learn and grow in your own personal spirituality. Simply put, it is the process of helping you recognize the activity of God in your life and respond in a way that makes sense for you.

Through spiritual direction, we will ask questions to seek and find what God may be doing in the world, in your life and what that means for how you experience spirituality in all aspects of who you are. As Christians and members of the LGBTQIA community, it can often feel like people have already defined our spirituality for us, either with their rejection or their approval of who we are but what if there was a way to encounter God and find that there is nothing we need to do or can do to earn love, what if we were less open to the distorted voices around us and more open to the voice of God’s delight in us? What if our spirituality is not just a part of who we are but what if everything that we are is spiritual?

These are the questions that we ask and the journey that we get to go on through spiritual direction. It is a journey of going deeper into ourselves and our spirituality to find what has been there all along; the presence of God in our life.