I have had the distinct privilege to be aTEDx speaker and talk about race and Beyonce. I have also had the opportunity to speak all over the country on issues regarding race, gender, sexuality, inclusion and education. In addition to these things I also host and emcee large scale events all over the city.  

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Understanding Racism workshop

I have developed a curriculum designed to take leave participants with clear and relevant understandings of Race and Racism in America. This curriculum has been presented to schools, businesses and anyone who wants to better understand not only race and racism but to also gain an understanding of diversity as value. 

Whatever your context, this workshop will be able to provide you with the tools that you need to better understand, leverage and engage with the diversity in your community.

The Civil Rights Tour is a 100% experiential program that was developed to help experiential learners create a deeper understanding of the civil rights movement in America and ultimately and greater understanding of race and history. This experience takes participants to the south and creates a first-hand experience in visiting museums and historic sights as well as interviewing past and present civil rights leaders. The Tour consists of six cities that are traveled in seven days and will follow a curriculum that I developed to enhance the experiential learning.  


As a part of the Anything But Black and White team, we offer businesses and organizations the opportunity to expand their thinking in the areas of Leadership and Diversity. We offer several packages with different emphasis and levels of involvement.

For more information or to bring us to your organization, please contact me for details. 


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